What You’re Missing Out in New Zealand

So, you mean to say that you love travelling but you haven’t yet been to New Zealand? Well, the truth is that we can’t really express our outrage about you not having seen New Zealand since a very few people visit the country as compared to other places in the world. When people travel to this part of the world, it’s usually to see Australia. Australia deserves all the attention it gets but New Zealand has a whole lot to offer you as well, a lot of things you won’t find elsewhere in the world.

If there’s anything you know about New Zealand then it’s probably the bungee jumping; New Zealand’s Kawarau bridge was where bungee jumping first became commercial and it’s been all the rage around the world. In fact, many people come to New Zealand specifically to try bungee jumping but they end up staying for many other reasons, which we’ll look at here. Here are a few things New Zealand has to offer you.


Lord of the Rings fans, rise up! The entre trilogy for Lord of the Rings and the Hobbit movie were all filmed New Zealand. In fact, you can actually visit the shire and a few other iconic places from the trilogy. Would you take a trek to Mordor or perhaps you’d take the hobbits to Isengard?

Bizarre Natural Views

No matter where you turn to look, New Zealand has some great scenery for you. You can look out at the ocean and you’ll find yourself thinking about the deepest things ever. You could look to the mountains and you’ll be astonished. If nothing else catches your eye, the wild life will. Have you ever met a Kea parrot? Or perhaps a Kiwi? Good luck finding those anywhere else in the world.

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