What Can You Utilize as Collateral For a Bail Bond?

You will only come across a bail bond if you want to get someone out of jail but if you cannot afford to pay the whole amount to post bail then what? You can get a bail bond but only if you can pay 10% of the bail amount to the bail bonds agent but the problem is that most of these things happen at such short notice that most people are unable to pay even 10% of the amount.

So if you cannot pay that amount in cash, what do you do? If you do not want the person to rot in jail, you can offer something up as collateral to get the bail bond. Whenever most people think about collateral, they think about their house but that is a grave mistake they make. You need to remember that if the defendant does not show up in court after he has been bailed out of jail then the collateral that you offered would be seized completely by the surety bond company. If you want to avoid being homeless in Macon just because of a fleeing defendant, we would suggest that you use other things as collateral.


It is always a good idea to use a vehicle of yours as collateral if it is equal to the amount of bail. It is an item that can be easily sold and a source of easy cash if the worse happens. If the defendant does not keep his/her word and avoids court then you would only lose your vehicle which is a small thing as compared to a house.


Jewelry is perhaps the most easiest thing to offer as collateral as people consider it to be superficial so if its selling value equals to the bail amount then you can use it.

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