The Best Memory Foam Mattresses – The Cypress Bamboo Gel Bed

In this article we will be talking about one of the best memory foam beds available any place in the world. This bed is made by Brentwood, which are known for being some of the most innovative minds in sleep technology and are known to provide good and comfortable mattresses to sleep on. You can even get a Brentwood home coupon code for their Cypress Bamboo gel bed series, with the Cypress gel 13 being the newest available addition. We will discuss this bed and talk about what makes it such a great investment for anyone.

So first things first, this is a memory foam bed that is really high on not just the softness of the bed, but also on the overall comfort for the person lying on the bed. In most cases, memory foam beds have the problem of there being a bit too much of a sinking feeling to them with the added problem of the bed becoming really warm because of the memory foam requiring the body to fall in to it. What the cypress bamboo gel bed manages to do is that it reduces both the sinking feel and also the excessive heat from the bed.

There is a 3 and a half inch layer of gel, which acts as the comfort layer of this mattress but also cools it down because it is made of gel. While the layer might be a big large, compared to other memory foam beds, it still reduces sinking and bottoming out as the gel does keep you afloat and there is an additional support layer right below the gel layer to further help insulation and to give the body lying on top of it some additional control and firmness.

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