Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Five Best Features

So the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has finally been launched at Samsung’s official unveiling in New York. For us here in the UK (and our European readers too) there is good news and there is bad news, and sadly the bad news kinda trumps all the good stuff.

The good news is that the Galaxy Note 5 lives up to all the hype and more, and listed below are five of its most interesting features.

1. Stunning Premium Design

Yes, the rumours were true. The Galaxy Note 5 features a broadly similar design to the previous generation Galaxy Note 4, except that Samsung has done its usual best to narrow down the bodywork around that substantial touch screen. There’s hardly any bezel at all, and we find it difficult to imagine that a phablet  (Phone and tablet) like this could be any more compact.

2. Gorgeous Display

Well this was always expected from Samsung. Samsung has been getting progressively better and better at producing its Super AMOLED displays that utterly trounce the competition. This latest is the same size as the last few Note models, a size which Samsung clearly feels is optimum – something we’d largely agree with. It’s a 5.7in Super AMOLED panel with a QHD 2560×1440 pixel resolution, resulting in some ultra-sharp visual quality. As usual with Samsung’s Super AMOLED the contrast, colour, brightness and viewing angles all promise to be superb.

3. Processing POWER

There are usually lot of shared components between Galaxy S6 mobiles and the Galaxy Note series devices launched inside the same year, so it’s not too suprising we’re seeing the Galaxy Note 5 using the same chipset from the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+. Processing power lot more powerful this time. They did really cool job this time.

4. Multitasking & Stylus Features

No surprises that the Galaxy Note 5 features an S-Pen stylus or an emphasis on mutltiasking! Still, the intricate details are rather interesteing nonetheless. Samsung has re-designed the S-Pen to be more like a pen and more comfortable to hold, plus it now features a clicky quick-release mechanism. As with previous iterations, Samsung has made efforts to make the S-Pen more sensitive and accurate, and allegedly it now feels very close to using a real pen in terms of responsiveness.

5. BIG Battery Life

As predicted, the Galaxy Note 5 comes loaded with a (non-removable) 3,000mAh battery cell which should provide plenty of juice. Between the more efficient processor and the return of Samung’s Power Saving mode we should see excellent battery performance from this beast. What’s more, the Note 5 supports quick charging and wireless charging.

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