Protein Supplements During Pregnancy & While Nursing

During pregnancy, women often face deficiencies that they cannot cover up with normal diet so they require supplements. Protein powder or supplements are quite common in the fitness circle but unusual for the pregnant women and nursing mothers’ circle. There are so many myths about pregnancy and nursing that it seems like nothing is allowed and protein powder might just be one of those things but experts say that it is okay to consume it.

You are probably wondering whether how safe is to take protein powders during pregnancy? Since pregnancy and nursing a child is a delicate matter, we would strongly urge you to check with your obstetrician about the matter. It would be completely irresponsible of you if you start taking protein powder without consulting with a professional doctor first. If you want to keep yourself and your fetus healthy, ask the doctor for recommendations of protein supplements.

The general perception about protein powder during pregnancy is that it is safe to consume it but does that mean that every protein supplement out there is okay too? Can you go and buy every kind of protein powder? The answer is a strict too. You would need to be very careful about choosing the right brand and powder as your and your baby’s life is at stake here.

The thing that will save your life is the label of ingredients on each product. You need to make sure that you do not choose a powder that contains additives, sweeteners, heavy metal or any other harmful chemicals. If you are allergic to dairy then avoid whey and focus on plant based protein powder. Make sure that you ask your doctor the amount of the powder that you are supposed to take in a day because overdoing it might cause harm.

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