Osseous Dental Surgery: A Preventive Measure

When we are discussing dental hygiene, we often end up neglecting the care our gums need as well, because, while our teeth do need to be taken care of, our gums can also be vulnerable to potential diseases. Gingivitis and other sorts of gum diseases are really common, and it can end up causing hypersensitivity, bleeding, and bad breath and so on. Poor gum and poor overall oral health has also been linked to an increased likelihood of developing heart disease as well.

Naturally healthy gums happen to fit perfectly around our teeth, leaving no open space. This basically keeps the area sealed and does not leave any opening for bacteria to enter naturally. However, if your gums do happen to leave some space around your teeth are not tightly covered, then that open space in your gums can end up leaving that area more vulnerable to infections and developing gum problems because the bacteria will be able to accumulate in the open gum pocket/space, allowing it to grow and then start affecting your gum and surrounding bone as well.

In order to tackle this problem, you will have to opt for osseous dental surgery, also known as pocket depth reduction. This is a dental procedure that basically removes the depth of the space or “pocket” between your gum and teeth, which will eliminate bacteria, and prevent them from being able to enter your gum or any other sensitive region. If you happen to have larger spaces between your gum and teeth, or if you want to get a consultation on the matter, you can always consult the experts at AV Dental in Jersey City. The dentists there are equipped with the necessary experience of dealing with periodontal diseases and performing osseous surgery, along with other dental procedures as well.

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