Things You Need to Consider When Buying Residential Alarms

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The thing about alarming your house with security is that it is becoming ever so necessary do that. Simply because one can never be too safe, and it is much better than taking risks and if you do leave your house vulnerable, you can end up in a lot of trouble which in my opinion is simply not worth it.

If you are looking for a good place to buy the best possible residential alarms, then I would suggest you head over to because they have some pretty impressive options available, and you will not be disappointed at all. As for right now, we are going to focus on what you must consider whenever you are going ahead with the decision.

The Feature Set

The first thing that you need to consider whenever you are in the market looking for a good residential alarm is a good set of features. This is important because the better amount of features you find in alarm, the better the overall experience is going to be. So, it really matters what you are going to go with if you want to have the best experience whenever you are buying a good alarm system.

The Price

Alarm systems can be expensive, and I am not going to tell you otherwise. But the good thing about spending on a good, expensive alarm system is that in most cases ,you are going to get what you are paying for. Something that can definitely be good when it comes to the alarm systems. The more you are going to pay the better because you will be getting a pretty amazing alarm system for a good price as well.

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WhatsApp’s Latest Backup Feature Lacks Encryption

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WhatsApp is used by people across the world as it provides a cost effective, reliable, and secure communication channel. Ever since WhatsApp introduced its end-to-end encrypted chats, it has become a very private messaging platform, one that ensures that the contents of your conversations are only known to you. Just recently, Google partnered with Facebook (WhatsApp’s owner) and released a feature that allows WhatsApp users to back up their conversations on their Google Drives.

It sounds like a great way of preserving your chat history and not having to keep too much stuff on your device, but the downside to this feature is that WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption does not apply to any backups made on your Google Drive account. Unfortunately, many people are unaware of this, even after WhatsApp has officially announced that their Drive backups are not protected by encryption. Now, being unencrypted does not necessarily mean that anything you backup on your Drive will be unsafe, Google Drive has a pretty secure and reliable setup thanks to it being on Google’s servers.

After hearing this, most people will feel quite safe about leaving their backups on Google Drive, even if they do not offer encryption, but you should keep in mind that since the contents of your Drive are not encrypted, they could be accessed and viewed by Google. People who are concerned about their privacy are definitely going to find this unnerving as corporations are known for accessing their consumer’s personal information for analytical purposes.

If you are someone who is worried about their privacy then WhatsApp’s latest backup option is going to leave you torn between a reliable and easily accessible storage solution and keeping your conversations away from prying eyes. WhatsApp is going to be graced with this feature on the 12th of November, but if you are not planning to make use of it, then there are other ways to back up your conversations as well.

A secure and long term solution can be to store your conversations on an external hard drive, these things have long life spans and cannot be accessed remotely, but then again, investing in an external hard drive could get expensive and only the most zealous privacy fanatics would be ready to make such an investment just to safeguard their WhatsApp conversation backups. You could also encrypt your computer’s hard drive for a more affordable solution.

However, if you think about it, WhatsApp’s latest partnership with Google is giving a pretty great offer, you get a peace of mind that your data is completely safe and you do not have to pay anything at all. The only people who will have an actual problem with this backup solution will be the ones whose conversations contain sensitive information that they really would not want anyone to see. So far, a lot of people have shown delight at this announcement and are eagerly waiting to start making the most out of WhatsApp’s soon to be latest feature.

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A Look at Disney’s Announced Streaming Service

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Disney has always been a huge force in the international entertainment industry, what started out as nothing more than a cartoon company has now turned into a massive, multinational organization that has its fingers in pretty much every honeypot that the entertainment industry has to offer. Disney is always set on expanding and further diversifying its range of services and products and it now has its eyes set on entering the direct-to-consumer streaming video market that is currently being led by Netflix.

According to the company’s CEO, Disney’s video streaming service is going to be the company’s biggest priority in the coming year, which says a lot given the fact that Disney works on such a massive level. We know that Disney’s platform is being developed to provide Netflix with direct competition and holds its ground against a number of other popular streaming services as well, we also know that the platform is going to be called Disney Play.

Disney plans on releasing a number of exclusive projects in the coming year in order to give people a reason to come over to their platform, we know that a remake of The Lion King will be released on the platform, along with a live action Star Wars series, Toy Story 4, and many other unofficial projects that are being worked on by Disney’s various studios and partners. By the looks of things, Disney plans on introducing its platform with a sizable bang that will have many people rushing over to it.

Disney is not going to be drawing people in with great exclusives alone, Bob Iger (Disney’s CEO) also confirmed that Disney Play’s subscription will have a smaller price tag as compared to Netflix’s packages. Disney feels confident that their platform’s financial appeal and attractive content is really going to help them penetrate into the market. Furthermore, Disney is also confident about the sheer level of quality that they can offer thanks to their ownership of many fan loving titles, including Star Wars and Marvel.

While Disney is going to be emphasising a lot on exclusivity, they currently do not have any plans to take down Marvel and Star Wars titles from other existing platforms as they do not want to upset a portion of their fan base that is already invested in other similar platforms.

There is still a lot that we do not know about Disney’s latest project, however we can expect it to be big and its planning on making things difficult for Netflix. Also, we know that Disney has made substantial progress with their platform’s design and development. We can expect to see Disney Play sometime in 2019, while there will not be as much content as what Netflix has to offer, Disney is promising that their collection will be loaded with quality and will obviously expand over time.

Streaming platforms have had a major impact on the entertainment industry, while Disney was slow on catching up, they are determined to give all of their competitors a run for their money.

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All Access: Microsoft’s Console Financing Program

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Gaming has become incredibly mainstream over the past few years and companies such as Microsoft are really trying to innovate and diversify the industry so that more people can experience it. While gaming has become a common hobby, it certainly is not cheap, game developers are rapidly pushing the limits of what software they have on hand and are producing increasingly realistic video games. While this is great for the gaming industry, it also means that hardware quickly becomes outdated, resulting in people having to invest in a new console after every 3 to 4 years.

In order to keep up with the software, console manufacturers have to regularly update their devices, these updates also translate to console prices going up on every release. Microsoft has supposedly come up with a solution to this problem that they have named All Access, the company just confirmed that they are planning on releasing a service that will let people rent out Xbox One consoles on monthly basis and then eventually end up owning the console after renting it for about two years.

Microsoft will charge a monthly fee of $22 for an Xbox One S and $35 for an Xbox One X, the rented consoles with come with online features and users will be able to eventually claim complete ownership of the console. This service sounds great and can really make the latest consoles highly affordable for many people out there, however, there is a pretty big issue with Microsoft’s All Access.

In order to get a console through this service, you will need to go to an official Microsoft store, which are quite rare. Very few areas in the US have official Microsoft stores, which will make the All Access service rather hard to access for many people out there, but we can hope that Microsoft has plans to eventually make this service more widely available by either opening up more stores or by making the service available at third party stores.

Microsoft states that it wishes to make gaming more accessible for people through this service, however, according to their sales figures, this is not the only motive behind this decision. The Xbox One has had very bad sales as compared to Sony’s highly popular PS4, in fact there is almost a 50% difference between both company’s console sales. One could say that Microsoft is trying to encourage people to buy more Xbox Ones before they have to begin working on releasing their next generation console.

There are already rumours about the next generation of consoles nearing its reveal date, and by the looks of it, Microsoft is hoping to wring as much money out of the Xbox One line up before it becomes a dated console. If Microsoft continues their All Access service for whatever they release next, then they just might be able to get a better response from gamers and even lessen the massive sales gap that they currently have between their own figures and their competition.

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Web Development For Beginners: What Does a Web Developer Do?

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Web development usually refers to activities related to website functionalities development. Although every website is developed a little differently, there are three fundamental components that conduct every interaction between a user and the site:

Client (Frontend):
The local computer, device and browser are what the user is interacting with in order to access the website. In this case, the challenge lies in making sure the website functions exactly the same way on all browsers.

Server (Backend):
The Server is the remote computer that is being run “on the other side” and is accountable for site code generation and database handling.

The Database is the information that is generated or used within the website. For instance, all account information of a logged-in user is being stored in the database.

Once the three fundamental components have been identified, you will clearly understand where #webdevelopment ties into the entire process.

Web Development Roles:
When developing websites there are specific project roles that have different responsibilities that are quite prominent:

Web Designers: are responsible for appearance and usability of a website. The range of responsibilities do not include development of actual functionalities. They may possibly work with Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator for design purposes and more advanced designers can build web prototypes using coding skills.

Frontend Developers: are the glue that holds Web Designers and Backend Developers together. These people deal with client-side programming and applying designs they have received from Web Designers. Their main tools are HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Backend Developers: are those who work behind the scenes. They develop server-side logic, manage database connection, design APIs(Application Programming Interface), handle security and authorization. The tools they use are Ruby, Node.js, PHP, Python, GoLang, Java, Scala and a great deal more.

Backend Developers also deal with databases. Some of the most popular databases include MySQL, ElasticSearch, Cassandra, Redis and OracleDB, just to name a few.

A full stack web developer: is a one-man show that works on both the client and server side and sometimes in design. Having command over different areas is in high demand and being able to understand different problems, within different project roles, make these people good candidates for team leadership positions.

What Does A Web Developer Do?
In general, Web Developers are responsible for building and maintaining websites. You might think that web developers spend their entire day working on code, but that’s not necessarily so. Even though development is the greater part of a developer’s job, there are other extremely important tasks that must get done. Here are other important activities a web developer is involved in:

Analysis is a constant and continual part of the Web Developer’s job. Talking with a client and gathering functional and nonfunctional requirements gives the web developer a bird’s eye view in order to plan architecture correctly.

Code Review:
Before new code is added to a main codebase, it goes through a Code Review process. This is a process where other developers go through your code, review it and make suggestions for small fixes. In order to properly participate in a Code Review, you must spend time understanding other people’s code.

Once you have reached a certain level in expertise, you are often expected to share your knowledge with others and train new developers. This is usually followed by a Pair Programming in which two developers sit in front of one computer and attempt to solve problems together.

With the exception of working on new tasks, developers often need to care about legacy projects. This involves solving random bugs and implementing small changes on a currently working project.

Developers do spend a good deal of time meeting with and talking to clients, not just when discussing new features. Developers will often organize daily status meetings, discussing what they accomplished the previous day and what they are planning for today.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 5: Five Best Features

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So the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has finally been launched at Samsung’s official unveiling in New York. For us here in the UK (and our European readers too) there is good news and there is bad news, and sadly the bad news kinda trumps all the good stuff.

The good news is that the Galaxy Note 5 lives up to all the hype and more, and listed below are five of its most interesting features.

1. Stunning Premium Design

Yes, the rumours were true. The Galaxy Note 5 features a broadly similar design to the previous generation Galaxy Note 4, except that Samsung has done its usual best to narrow down the bodywork around that substantial touch screen. There’s hardly any bezel at all, and we find it difficult to imagine that a phablet  (Phone and tablet) like this could be any more compact.

2. Gorgeous Display

Well this was always expected from Samsung. Samsung has been getting progressively better and better at producing its Super AMOLED displays that utterly trounce the competition. This latest is the same size as the last few Note models, a size which Samsung clearly feels is optimum – something we’d largely agree with. It’s a 5.7in Super AMOLED panel with a QHD 2560×1440 pixel resolution, resulting in some ultra-sharp visual quality. As usual with Samsung’s Super AMOLED the contrast, colour, brightness and viewing angles all promise to be superb.

3. Processing POWER

There are usually lot of shared components between Galaxy S6 mobiles and the Galaxy Note series devices launched inside the same year, so it’s not too suprising we’re seeing the Galaxy Note 5 using the same chipset from the Galaxy S6, Galaxy S6 edge, and Galaxy S6 edge+. Processing power lot more powerful this time. They did really cool job this time.

4. Multitasking & Stylus Features

No surprises that the Galaxy Note 5 features an S-Pen stylus or an emphasis on mutltiasking! Still, the intricate details are rather interesteing nonetheless. Samsung has re-designed the S-Pen to be more like a pen and more comfortable to hold, plus it now features a clicky quick-release mechanism. As with previous iterations, Samsung has made efforts to make the S-Pen more sensitive and accurate, and allegedly it now feels very close to using a real pen in terms of responsiveness.

5. BIG Battery Life

As predicted, the Galaxy Note 5 comes loaded with a (non-removable) 3,000mAh battery cell which should provide plenty of juice. Between the more efficient processor and the return of Samung’s Power Saving mode we should see excellent battery performance from this beast. What’s more, the Note 5 supports quick charging and wireless charging.

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10 Best Chrome Extension to Improve Your Productivity

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Google chrome is one of the best web browser now a days. According w3c report 64% people use Google chrome as their default browser. So today we are going to share few best extension to improve your work productivity.

1. Adblock

Adblock is one of the best extension on Google chrome. Its block all the nasty advertisement and popup when you viewing any website. Some time we visit the website and have so many advert that make us annoying to read the valuable content.

2. Browsec

Depending on the sites you work on, your site may display different content to users in different countries. Alternatively, you may want to access some content that you can’t from your country’s IP address. Sometime you wanted to access some site with quick proxy activation. Browsec is one of the best plugin where you switch your ip address to different country ip address.

3. Fireshot

In our daily work we need the screenshot of website many times. lets say we wanted to do some editing or show the mockup design to client or colleague. Fireshot is one of the best extension where we can take the screenshot of entire page, display page, edit the screenshot within browser, save as pdf functionalities.

4. Responsive

With responsive google chrome extension we can test the any website with responsiveness. As per the google new rules every website have to be responsive. so from this tools we can test our all competitor site weather they are responsive or not. Also this tools support all type of screen and devices.

5. Addthis

Social sharing bring lot of positive result to social network. We are visiting some site and  wanted to share the information on our social media but we could able to find the social share button the site. Add this provide customise social sharing button your our browser. We can arrange all our favourite social sharing icon.

6. URL Shorter

Google has launched a URL Shortener API ( – one of the fastest and most reliable URL shortners out there. This plugin creates short URLs for your posts, which then could be retrieved using the “Get Shortlink” button in your admin UI or the wp_get_shortlink() WordPress function. analytics also available!

7. Page Load

This extension measures page load time and displays it in the toolbar. Web Timing API is used for precise measurement. We can test any website and their speed how fast they load.

8. Momentum

Draw out a ruler to get the pixel width and height of any elements on a webpage. Build momentum and stay on task throughout the day with Momentum new tab homepage replacement. Get inspired and set your focus for the day. Every time you open a new tab, see an inspiring reminder of what you want to accomplish. It might just prevent you from loading reddit or Facebook for the tenth time.

9. Scraper

Scraper is a very simple (but limited) data mining extension for facilitating online research when you need to get data into spreadsheet form quickly. It is intended as an easy-to-use tool for intermediate to advanced users who are comfortable with XPath.

10. Measurelt

Draw a ruler across any webpage to check the width, height, or alignment of page elements in pixels. Please note that this software is BETA as it’s my first attempt at porting over my popular Firefox version. Your feedback is welcome here or over at my website. Cheers!

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