All Access: Microsoft’s Console Financing Program

Gaming has become incredibly mainstream over the past few years and companies such as Microsoft are really trying to innovate and diversify the industry so that more people can experience it. While gaming has become a common hobby, it certainly is not cheap, game developers are rapidly pushing the limits of what software they have on hand and are producing increasingly realistic video games. While this is great for the gaming industry, it also means that hardware quickly becomes outdated, resulting in people having to invest in a new console after every 3 to 4 years.

In order to keep up with the software, console manufacturers have to regularly update their devices, these updates also translate to console prices going up on every release. Microsoft has supposedly come up with a solution to this problem that they have named All Access, the company just confirmed that they are planning on releasing a service that will let people rent out Xbox One consoles on monthly basis and then eventually end up owning the console after renting it for about two years.

Microsoft will charge a monthly fee of $22 for an Xbox One S and $35 for an Xbox One X, the rented consoles with come with online features and users will be able to eventually claim complete ownership of the console. This service sounds great and can really make the latest consoles highly affordable for many people out there, however, there is a pretty big issue with Microsoft’s All Access.

In order to get a console through this service, you will need to go to an official Microsoft store, which are quite rare. Very few areas in the US have official Microsoft stores, which will make the All Access service rather hard to access for many people out there, but we can hope that Microsoft has plans to eventually make this service more widely available by either opening up more stores or by making the service available at third party stores.

Microsoft states that it wishes to make gaming more accessible for people through this service, however, according to their sales figures, this is not the only motive behind this decision. The Xbox One has had very bad sales as compared to Sony’s highly popular PS4, in fact there is almost a 50% difference between both company’s console sales. One could say that Microsoft is trying to encourage people to buy more Xbox Ones before they have to begin working on releasing their next generation console.

There are already rumours about the next generation of consoles nearing its reveal date, and by the looks of it, Microsoft is hoping to wring as much money out of the Xbox One line up before it becomes a dated console. If Microsoft continues their All Access service for whatever they release next, then they just might be able to get a better response from gamers and even lessen the massive sales gap that they currently have between their own figures and their competition.

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