A Look at Disney’s Announced Streaming Service

Disney has always been a huge force in the international entertainment industry, what started out as nothing more than a cartoon company has now turned into a massive, multinational organization that has its fingers in pretty much every honeypot that the entertainment industry has to offer. Disney is always set on expanding and further diversifying its range of services and products and it now has its eyes set on entering the direct-to-consumer streaming video market that is currently being led by Netflix.

According to the company’s CEO, Disney’s video streaming service is going to be the company’s biggest priority in the coming year, which says a lot given the fact that Disney works on such a massive level. We know that Disney’s platform is being developed to provide Netflix with direct competition and holds its ground against a number of other popular streaming services as well, we also know that the platform is going to be called Disney Play.

Disney plans on releasing a number of exclusive projects in the coming year in order to give people a reason to come over to their platform, we know that a remake of The Lion King will be released on the platform, along with a live action Star Wars series, Toy Story 4, and many other unofficial projects that are being worked on by Disney’s various studios and partners. By the looks of things, Disney plans on introducing its platform with a sizable bang that will have many people rushing over to it.

Disney is not going to be drawing people in with great exclusives alone, Bob Iger (Disney’s CEO) also confirmed that Disney Play’s subscription will have a smaller price tag as compared to Netflix’s packages. Disney feels confident that their platform’s financial appeal and attractive content is really going to help them penetrate into the market. Furthermore, Disney is also confident about the sheer level of quality that they can offer thanks to their ownership of many fan loving titles, including Star Wars and Marvel.

While Disney is going to be emphasising a lot on exclusivity, they currently do not have any plans to take down Marvel and Star Wars titles from other existing platforms as they do not want to upset a portion of their fan base that is already invested in other similar platforms.

There is still a lot that we do not know about Disney’s latest project, however we can expect it to be big and its planning on making things difficult for Netflix. Also, we know that Disney has made substantial progress with their platform’s design and development. We can expect to see Disney Play sometime in 2019, while there will not be as much content as what Netflix has to offer, Disney is promising that their collection will be loaded with quality and will obviously expand over time.

Streaming platforms have had a major impact on the entertainment industry, while Disney was slow on catching up, they are determined to give all of their competitors a run for their money.

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