Videographers! Here’s How You can Fix Lagging in Your Sony Vegas

If you want to create some pro-quality movies using complex editing tools, special visual effects and anything else you could ever dream up, use Sony Vegas (SV). It’s a powerful video editor and best known for its intuitive user interface (UI). It has multiple channels of video and audio to create a professionally produced and scored digital video. Advanced amateur videographers simply love this video-editing application. But it doesn’t offer the most easy-to-use UI experience. This holds true especially when you get the hang of it or lags, you’ll crank out of some quality stuff. But it doesn’t mean you should stop using it. You can get rid of this issue by following tips mentioned in this article.

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Meet these Requirements

Advanced editing needs your system meet these minimum requirements. Remember: SV works efficiently if your:

  •        Operating Systems are either Windows 10, 8 or 7.
  •        Operating System Type is at least 64-bit
  •        RAM is 4GB (at least)
  •        CPU is 2 GHz
  •        Hard disk has free 500MB space
  •        Video Card should be either AMD, Intel or Nvidia
  •        Video Memory is 512MB.  

You can check the information about these requirements this way: Hit Windows Key + R → Control Panel → System Icon.

If your App is Inactive, Close All Media File.

SV, by default, keeps your files open (even if they aren’t active or running). Adjust Preferences and close them. Here’s how:

  1. Go to Options → Preferences → General tab
  2. Now check Close media files when the app is inactive.  Hit OK and exit.

SV employs GPU acceleration. This allows SV to offload some of the rendering processing from the CPU to the GPU using DirectX. Turn it off as it’s a declarative opt-in model and causes lags: Go to Options → Preferences → Uncheck GPU acceleration → Ok.  

Turn it on only if you’re using a high-end system.

Make Your System Junk-Free

Keeping your system junk-free makes it easier for you to fix lags in your SV. What a bummer! But it’s worth taking your time. Do it carefully, as it improves your PC performance:

  1. Open File Explorer → Hit View → Check Hidden Items (it shows all hidden folders and files)
  2. Now navigate to this directory:

C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Sony\Vegas Pro\12.0

  1. Delete all .tmp or .log file extensions.

Tweak Your PC for All-Round Performance Gains

Disable Visual Effects. It ekes out the extra burst of speed and does things faster in your Windows.

  1. Click Computer select Properties → click Advanced System Settings → click Settings (under Performance).
  2. Now hit the Visual Effects tab.
  3. Select Adjust for best Performance. It disables everything.
  4. Hit Ok.


You’re all set.

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