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As technology opens up its wings wider, along with it arises the parallel problem and in the long run, they get subsided with digital solutions once again. With everything going with the most digital manner possible communication has turned out to be a very simple thing when people just pink to convey themselves to their near and dear ones. Photos and videos can be sent to anyone we wish around the globe within a fraction of seconds.

Not only online texts and calls but also the mode of payment has become so simple when all that we need to do is just make the payment with a click. But how far do the above comfy things serve to be reliable when it comes to protection of our privacy? The big question would sometimes leave us startling without answers during the early stages, but not now. Let’s look into some of the most exciting apps that could help us make a safe way in communicating to the world.

Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is acting as a warrior in defending civil liberties in the digital world as come up with a concept of Secure Messaging Scorecard. Our most frequently messaging apps are being rated and given scores out of seven. Ranking and the scores of the instant messaging apps depends on the security features and the tact they adopt to maintain their user’s privacy alone.


The scorecard for secure messaging stands to be the first phase of security campaign EFF. Most of the popular apps that we employ in our daily life get poor scores from EFF which leaves us astonished. Apps like Viber, Hangout are marked poor by the foundation with a score of 2 out of 7 and Facebook with 5 out of 7.


TextSecure is a cool open source text encryption app introduced by former Twitter security researcher Moxie Marlinspike’s Open Whisper Systems. Text your near and ones safe and secured with TextSecure. We can maintain privacy while we are texting as TextSecure provides end- to- end encryption.


Messages can be sent even when the person on the other end is not using the app but the messages will be encrypted if and only if the app is installed and used at both the ends. Unique keys are assigned for encryption of each message sent through the app. Text with glee without any fear of prying on the go.


Redphone amazes the users with its feature that enables calls from the android to the iOS users. Communications-enabled through the app is completely secured with end-to-end encryption. Make your mobile call secured by all means with RedPhone app and never permit eavesdrops on.


The signal is an open source encryption app that ensures us to make secure calls and messages on our mobile. Signal has the combined features of Redphone and TextSecure apps. One can get the app in both android Version and iOS versions. Activation of encrypted call and texts starts only when both the parties own the app.

Registration of the app requires our mobile number which has to give accurately after which the device gets register and ready to be used. Once after registering Signal is suppose to be made the default app for messaging. When we send a text message to someone who is not a registered user of Signal app then we might get the prompt to the screen as “Send unsecured SMS”. If we are sending a text message to someone who is already registered with Signal then we will be able to see “Send signal message” on the screen as we send the text message.

To make an encrypted call using Signal app we can use the Call icon which exists there at the right corner of the app thread. There exists a small lock symbol on top of the call icon which denotes that the call is completely encrypted and that nobody can tap it from anywhere. While giving an encrypted call “Signal call” promptly appears on the screen. The signal app stands when we have the urge to make our communications secured.


CoverMe Vault comes up exciting features to hide any kind of media and personal identity numbers inside it. As TextSecure does CoverMe also adds features of sending messages to CoverMe nonusers but here they are charged for it. Users get fascinated with the Vault that is available with the app which enables them to store any kind of content like photos, documents, identity numbers etc and safeguard them perfectly. Highly crucial data like account password and other details can be entrusted for storage here with CoverMe.  Only after purchasing a plan CoverMe allows texting and calling of its nonusers.


Ostel which basically stands for Open Source telephone Network is an app that can be employed to make encrypted calls on our mobile. In order to use Ostel we are required to create an account initially with Ostel and then install the app and fix things with it.


Ostel was designed with the major goal to promote the use of free, open protocols, standards, and software, to power end-to-end secure voice communication. We can become Ostel users after we register ourselves with the name we pick for ourselves enabling the app for the same. It is one of the fine products of Guardian Project. Go securing all your call to keep yourself safe from any snooping.


Make your photos and text disappear once it’s being read after a short amount of time and prevent any body from retaining the data. Let your content and chats disappear on the other end from 3 seconds to 6 days as per your wish and stay secured with Wickr. Content-expiring messages serve to the best part of the instant messaging app. Before the data is being sent the Metadata is being stripped off so that content that is being sent doesn’t get stored anywhere. The technique serves great when we got to sent something to someone who might misuse the data that is being sent. With this app, end-to-end encryption is a possible, as well as fleeting chat, can be enabled to secure our privacy on the go. Keep things safe with Wickr.


Telegram is fast, open source app that helps us out with instant messaging service. One can retain their privacy by enabling chats that get vanished after some time once it’s being read. Chats and other contents like documents, photos can be retrieved from the cloud in order get back to the conversation later. Telegram app it often compared to Whatsapp with the few distinct factors that it is cloud based and a bit faster.



Get your group chats with Gliph go great and stay secured in every move you make. Pay your bills with ease using BitCoin in the safest way possible using the app. Your chats are turned to be exclusively private that nobody will be able to tap anything from your communication.

With the brisk escalation of technology, everything around us has changed rapidly to make life flexible and sometimes even leaves startled with certain things. In order to dwell in this techie junk, we need to be more cautious about what we share, post or even communicate privately to secure our privacy in the l9ong run. Let’s be more alert are educate ourselves to switch over to the other safer modes of communications and enjoy every gift of technology!


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