How to Remove Duplicate Media Files

Media files store way too much space in your computer and are difficult to organize. You often lose track of songs and videos. The problem gets worse when there is overwhelming data duplication.

How to Remove Duplicate Media Files

Here you will find ways to eliminate duplicate media files for better organization.


  1. Lack of space in the hard disk
  2. Disorientation of media items, iTunes tracks, etc.


Solution 1 : Manual Method

The manual method is quite simple if the file types are known, but if there are many file types it can be quite difficult to identify all the duplicate files. Therefore, follow this method if the file types are known.

  1. Locate the folder where media files are stored. The default location for media files (Videos, Music) is in “This PC” in “File Explorer.” Start Button -> Start Menu -> File Explorer -> This PC.
  2. Type extension:fileType (extension:mp3) the Search Box
  3. Press “Enter” to search
  4. In the white ground of the search result. Right click -> Sort by -> Name
  5. If there is any duplicate file, it will show them as in the following screenshot
  6. Select them to delete them.

Solution 2 : Automated Method

“Clone File Checker” can identify and delete duplicate songs that belong to any file format. Follow the following steps to identify the duplicate files to delete from the system.

  1. Download the “Clone File Checker”
    Download URL:
  2. Run it as Administrator (Right Click -> Run as Administrator)
  3. Add the Location to search for duplicate files, in default the media files are in both Music/Videos folders in “This PC” folder.
  4. Click on “Start Search” for initiating the search
  5. It will show if there is any duplicate file at end of the search
  6. Click on “Quick Fix” to delete the duplicate files
  7. Decide which files to keep, either new files or old files
  8. Delete the files permanently. You can also move the files to a different location instead of deleting them completely.e10
  9. If necessary, backup the files prior to delete.
  10. If the files are deleted completely and successfully, the following message box will appear at end of the process.

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