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Today one of the prime reasons of owning a phablet or a Smartphone is browsing internet and watching online videos. However there will be times when you have no network or no data or no balance to afford net surfing. You can simply get your favorite videos saved in your mobile and download a good video player so that you can keep on watching videos anytime and every time. But the problem with Android phone is that there is a long list of video player options available in Google Play Store. Moreover almost all the apps provide similar features. And then again after you have downloaded the app, some video support problems might arise. In this article we will discuss about five android video player apps which offer best functioning and are easy to use. With the below mentioned apps all you have to have is some nice video files to watch because these apps are capable of turning your android device into a mini theater.

VLC Beta-

VLC player is the most popular PC video watching software so as a result without any doubt VLC Beta is the most popular android video player app. Just like the PC software, VLC Beta is consistent with its easy to use interface and file support system. Moreover it also offers some innovative and distinguished features such as supporting multi track audio playing audio codecs which makes it one of the favorite audio players as well. Though this VLC player is available in Beta version it has no problem to support HD contents. The best thing with VLC is this player is also available for Windows and iOS platforms other than android.

MX Player

MX Player is the second popular most android video playing app after VLC Beta. As far as features are concerned this app seems to have the best feature options than any other android video playing app which includes Subtitle support, subtitle gestures, kids lock. XMBC or set top box users or even Google TV users, this app is common with the new generation. Plugin support and hardware acceleration support along with pan and zoom features just makes the app more beautiful.


VPlayer is renowned because of being capable of supporting a wide range of video file formats. This video player app uses hardware accelerated decoding and video rendering. This app supports YouTube hence streamed videos can also be played with this player. Users can enjoy video from multiple platforms such as Dropbox or Facebook or Google Plus due to its hardware and software decoding support and DLNA support. However the problem with this app is that it is available for free only for seven days afterward users have to buy the app to use it.


MoboPlayer app has an easy to use interface and is capable of displaying HQ videos. The app also offers a stable playback along with video streaming. You can change brightness, volume, playback positions and others with the help of gesture based functions. This app supports almost all types of video file formats and subtitles. A floating window mode will help you in multi tasking while a library management mode will help you to manage library through a cover flow view. You will be able to play a video file from exactly where you left earlier.

RockPlayer 2-

The newest version of RockPlayer Lite is dubbed as RockPlayer2 which is in fact faster and optimized than the earlier version. This version of the android app comes with better audio/video synchronization and possesses other wonderful features such as gesture based controls. The video app supports a long list of video and audio file formats and subtitles.

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