Top Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

Even though Halloween has just wrapped up, Christmas and New Year’s decorations and reminders can already be found everywhere. Every year the marketing for the end of the year holidays seems to be starting sooner and sooner. Then why not understand the dominating marketing trends for 2016 as early as possible as well?

marketing trends in 2016

For this reason, here are the top three online marketing trends to pay attention to for the upcoming year.

1. Video Ads

While by now the popularity of video ads is very clear–especially with the rise of YouTube and similar websites, with Facebook also joining the hype and offering video options for their advertisers, 2016 will see this platform rise in terms of use and popularity. The new auto-play feature on the most powerful social network allows your business to tell its message even before the user has clicked play. This is news most businesses would dream about years ago.   Google has even made the decision to focus on more video-based advertisements in search, which means soon videos may appear as thumbnails in search results, rather than only text-based advertisements and images appearing. While texts and images will of course remain, incorporating videos into your advertising campaigns will be more important than ever.

2. Mobile V Desktop

The battle between mobile and desktop seems to have finally come to an end with Google announcing that mobile searches officially beat desktop searches in 2015 in 10 countries–including the U.S. and Japan. With more people–limitless of age, use their smartphones for just about everything, Google even created an app, Mobilegeddon, that specifically filters out websites that are not compatible for mobiles. If you haven’t already focused on making your websites or ads mobile-friendly, be sure to include it in your marketing campaigns for 2016 in order to remain relevant.

3. Innovation

While innovative and creative ideas and campaigns are always in season and applicable every year, considering the rise of social media platforms that made their debut in 2015, it will be even more important than ever to stand out in 2016. 2015 was filled with blogs, social media, advertisements, videos, live-streaming and much more. Incorporating these new mediums is crucial, but it is just as important to use them creatively, as they have already become standard to consumers. Brainstorming and measuring conversion funnel help you to increase traffic and conversion rate.

If you’re scouting the latest developments in the digital marketing industry, you’ll notice how brands and businesses are actively getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. The race has started, and if you just found out about it, then you’re most probably late.

While these are just some of the emerging trends predicted by DeaconIllustrated that will become commonplace in 2016, knowing them early and acting on them fast will ensure that you will be able to become caught up–or ideally, ahead of the game!


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