The Fundamentals of Google AdWords-an Inside Perspective

By now everyone must have become familiar with the word AdWords. This is a powerful marketing tool which an internet marketer can dream of. Far better than yellow page advertising, direct mail or the newspaper, AdWords is a direct marketing engine designed for the current generation. This is not only the fastest but also the finest mode for creating good web traffic and increasing a person’s online business presence. It is a tool that will reward only those that are at the peak of their game while penalizing all others. A business owner can easily outperform the amateurs provided they are well-versed of the secrets and also know what they are doing.

AdWords optimization holds great importance

Optimizing an AdWords campaign is of utmost importance for availing more than what has been put in else a business owner will end up pumping money in a heap of nothing. Optimization is therefore quite important.

How to optimize an AdWords campaign?

Below are three steps to optimize an Adwords campaign,

  • Understand the market– For optimizing an Adwords campaign, a business person will wish to grow his target market. Whatever figures and stats no doubt a business owner can extract about them indeed will be of great use to him. It is always best to put oneself in their audience’s shoes and try to understand which search terms they may use. In fact working out as to how they think certainly will aid the business owner in potentially dictating their decisions and actions.
  • Pick secondary keywords indirectly– There stands a great chance that one’s primary keyword may be fairly expensive. This may happen as other businesses may value such keywords as well as desire bidding on them. The higher the demand naturally the greater the price. But with one’s secondary keywords it is of utmost significance in selecting examples which are not connected directly with their services or products. Its purpose is for expanding their coverage. After all the more ground they cover, the higher the chance of getting more impressions. And if a business person is confident in the capacity of their site in entertaining users and holding attention, then impressions definitely become much more crucial. But why? This is because getting conversions becomes higher.
  • Website placement selection– While selecting to place an advertisement on other sites a website owner should ensure that the site is pertinent to his cause or purpose in some way.

Secrets to an effective Google AdWords campaign

Akin to any advertising, in case of Google AdWords too it is crucial in testing various approaches and refining one’s activity. The trick is in looking at conversions and ROI rather than merely traffic and working out the list of keywords that are bringing the maximum business. Search giant Google analyses their advertisers and offers a quality score to their keywords. The higher clicks a business owner gets which are converted, naturally the better the score Google provides them. A higher score indicates one will achieve higher favourable advertising rates. And Google offers assorted tools to aid a business owner in analyzing their performance and making improvements.

10 solid reasons to use Google AdWords

Here come 10 solid reasons why a business owner should use Google AdWords,

1.     Target traffic

Traffic is very useful and vital facet of AdWords which serves as a key reason to use AdWords campaign. Via utilizing this business can directly bring targeted traffic to a site. As advertising are displayed with a defined description and title, a serious audience indeed will be available clicking these links thereby taking a call to action. Hence, AdWords act as an effective means to bring traffic to their online business. It is this target traffic which can be defined both as per places and location. The best part there is an option via which people can specify a keyword relevant to a specific location. It will help to boost up the rate of conversion and visits that will improve a website’s business tremendously.

2.     High ROI

This tool comes with ROI which indicates that a person requires paying per click to Google which suggests that their investment is given back against assured business. Adwords will boost up clicks through visits and rates. Hence there is higher chance of business. By following other rules like faster loading website, effective bidding, generating the finest converting keywords amid others such clicks can easily be converted to profitable business. Thus, Google AdWords makes one pay for profit and business only, therefore evident loss will be controlled.

3.     Defining budget

Google AdWords should be used for defining budget. This way a business owner can set his respective budget with AdWords along with monitoring their budget and thereby cutting down any overspending. Post creation of the account the bid for a keyword indeed is free of choice. Thus, any keyword which performs well can be bid higher for best results. On the other hand if a keyword fails to perform up to the mark and does not bring profit for the website should be separated from the campaign. Besides, keywords which bring higher clicks yet less conversion either can be bid with a smaller amount or removed. To top it all a business owner can control his budget at the time of crisis. In case a website is down, bids can automatically be reduced for controlling the defined budget. Hence defining the budget is another good reason behind the utilization of AdWords.

4.     Small initial investment

Here comes the major reason as to why AdWords has become extremely popular. This tool needs a minimal initial investment. A person just has to pay a small amount for creating an account in AdWords following which they can bid on different best keywords. Post creation of the account and also releasing the content, automatically the payment will be billed post every click. Hence with every click, a specific amount will be billed but if no click takes place, no amount will be billed. AdWords provides assured clicks while payment is billed against clicks only. This means there will be no loss provided the keywords that are generated are just perfect as well as effective related measures are taken.

5.     Targeting ads locally

AdWords provides location targeting with respect to display ads. A person can specify a particular display advertisement for definite locations that will help those ads to exclusively display to a specific location. It will augment the effective utilization of AdWords because it will enable a person in reaching browsers at international, national and local levels. They can customize ads too in local languages for making them prominent and more useful for a specific location. Ads displayed in France for instance can be made in French that will have an impact on the French audience directly. Via customizing their ads, they can pay attention on the targeted geographical people with focused objectives that will offer them higher chances to get business and instant traffic. Besides, customizing ads pertinent to locations will make these more effective.

6.     Tracking success

With the help of AdWords people can track their business as well as take effective steps when needed. They can try Google Analytics or Get Click for tracking the reports of AdWords campaigns and against the keywords. It will enable them in deciding on the future steps when it comes to a specific marketing campaign or keyword. Suppose a campaign or a keyword performs well, people can track the report and prominently place it with a good bid to improve traffic for a highly profit-making business. A campaign or a keyword which fails in bringing expected traffic should be separated for future usage. Therefore they can track failure and success in real time and take decisions on a call to action especially for future marketing.

7.     Instant traffic

Instant traffic is another key reason why people should use AdWords. This tool can bring immediate traffic or gratification to a site. Optimization both on and off page is crucial to bring traffic to a site. All measures however such as on-page optimization or link building do not always come with guaranteed traffic brought via AdWords. This tool showcases pertinent advertisements in relevant websites as well as at the summit of search pages that improves the chances of visits and clicks that convert later to business. AdWords tool bring immediate traffic to a website that otherwise would take more time and higher investment. Hence as this comes with immediate gratification against a specific investment this becomes a great way to bring instant web traffic that translates to a successful and profitable business.

8.     Test marketing campaigns

Such campaigns are another key reason as to why people should invest in AdWords. A test marketing campaign indicates utilizing varied types of advertisements for varied keywords. Hence if a particular ad campaign fails people can use another campaign having a different description and title line. The opening marketing campaign for instance can be tested via an exact match followed by the keyword’s phrase match. Such flexibility within the marketing campaign is what makes AdWords more usable. A person can test the marketing campaigns several times devoid of having to pay extra. Hence, they may get opportunities in experimenting with the correct description and title line for display ads. This also follows to have keywords included. Good performing keywords are likely to bid high while low performing keywords should be removed from AdWords campaign. Therefore a person gets ample tests for experimenting with marketing campaigns that acts as a big plus for utilizing AdWords.

9.     Augment hands-on experience

Via utilizing AdWords campaign, a site can get immediate gratification or traffic and soon turn effective direct marketers. Visitors perceive such websites as popular, hence are likely to tap on the website to make another buying decision and that too without a second thought. Besides, marketing via PPC ad platforms will help in levelling the playing fields both for people and also their competition. This will increase the value of the website gradually and take the company to new heights. Hence the augmented hands-on experience feature makes AdWords more pertinent for users that aim in generating revenue from their sites.

10.  High volume keywords

Along with displaying ads, AdWords also recommend high volume keywords when it comes to an ad campaign which will convert easily into purchases as well as a profitable business. Keywords of high volume are those which are searched the maximum. Thus, including these keywords in the description, title lines and ads properly will enhance the ads click rates. These can be included considering the competition. Besides, as keyword phrase matches work better these search terms should be incorporated in the campaigns and ads to be more pertinent. In fact this is another big reason why people should use Google AdWords.

Let professionals handle an AdWords campaign

Understanding AdWords in and out needs little training, so allow companies offering professional SEO services to handle an AdWords campaign. This will be the quickest and the most profitable means of generating extra income online. These experts can handle every aspect associated to AdWords such as choosing keywords, ways of setting bids, writing an ad copy and so on.

Highly beneficial for small businesses

The AdWords tool is Google Pay per Click (PPC) campaign system. This is a wonderful online marketing tool utilized for attracting potential clients to a website. Google AdWords can be incredibly beneficial especially for small businesses which do not possess heavy site traffic. Pay per Click indeed can be an excellent marketing approach for people on a budget because advertisers pay only when an advertisement is clicked. It will enable businesses in saving money via targeting only potential new clients.

When people visit a site, usually they do not rely on the content. Thus it is crucial in building trust amid clients. A business owner should check that the advertisements which are displayed match the products their site is providing. The professional companies can offer all forms of assistance and guidance on Google AdWords. Everybody knows that Google is the biggest search engine, thus for using it like a profit-making source, people need to possess a good understanding of AdWords. Via this technique they can get assured as well as instant website traffic against fixed investment. So the bottom line is using Google AdWords can help a person to grow their business at its best.


This article gives a detailed description on some interesting, fascinating and valuable facts related to Google AdWords. It also throws light on why AdWords optimization holds so much importance in the current competitive business age.

Guest post by Sophia Smith from Submit2rank. She has elaborately explained on the ins and outs related to Google AdWords.

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