8 Online Business Video Marketing Tips Customers Would Want To Watch In Their Videos

YouTube is considered to be the most powerful tool for each and every business. Through a YouTube business video or an ad you could here reach far more viewers than you would with a super bowl and at a tiny fraction of cost. After all a successful online presence for any business would include something that is more than Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The best of all is that the uploading process is entirely free.  Given below are the 8 online business video marketing tips that the customers would want to watch in their business videos.

1. Giving your business a face

As each and every business knows brand awareness is something that is really important. You would want your YouTube page to stand out ahead of your competitors making it memorable. Have your appearance settings changed along with the background color in order to match with the logo of your organization.

2. Having a call to action button included

Watching a business video would here lead your customers to do something, such as buying a product promoting them through social media networks, or providing you with a feedback seeking more information on the product and services you have been offering. You could have a call to action button included within YouTube inviting people to leave the comments, sharing your business videos, subscribing to your business videos, or check out your other business videos on YouTube.

3. Making use of the description field

The description field is not just for the business and website information it is also a pace for optimized content in order to increase their rankings. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world so have the description that is generally mentioned below is something related to your business and does have a keyword being mentioned in it. In short the description has to be unique and have the primary keywords being added in it. You could also have links included to your active social network channels and the blogs.

4. Getting optimized

Your business video would here need to be discovered among a sea of billions, and it is believed that keywords are one of the best ways of optimizing your business video content. So do make sure that each and everything under the SEO umbrella is taken care off. Ensure that your business title would here include all the relevant terms as well as the word video or clip. Have the YouTube tag tool in order to create specific, focussed and the search friendly tags for your business clip.

5. Encourage the video sharing

Each and every day there are millions of videos being shared on Facebook, twitter, and the other social media platforms. And to the extreme this is something called as going viral when an online video ad or video is being shared rapidly by millions around the world.

6. Promoting your customers

Some business organizations use YouTube to show business videos of all their happy customers, along with testimonials from users or videos showing people how they could use their products and services. Having a video of someone else talking about your products and services can be the most powerful thing when compared to written testimonial.

7. Integrating with other business video marketing

You could have the videos embedded on your website, so that your website could provide how to advice, product tours, or the behind the scenes interview. YouTube would here again allow you to add the videos to your website blog or through the website, or the other social media channels that you could use.

8. Driving individuals to your website

The major objective of social media marketing is to drive viewers towards your website, increasing traffic, and conversions. The content that you here represent your viewers needs to be engaging enough for them to come and have a look at your own website. And within the first two minutes of your business video, do make it clear for all the viewers why they should buy your products and services. In case the viewer here understands what you have been offering and what benefits him it is much likely that they would be definitely visiting your website.


To conclude hijack other people’s ideas or stories in order to get their attention towards the brand, choosing the right battles in your own field. You do not have to be present in each and every story of your business have stories selected that would match the DNA of your brand.

Guest post from Claudia Metura of www.kpoint.com. She is having 12 year of experience in IT industry.

2 thoughts on “8 Online Business Video Marketing Tips Customers Would Want To Watch In Their Videos

  1. In the real world it doesnt actually work like that because what one customer may like about you another customer might not!

    Heres what to do
    1. start cold calling businesses you want to do videos for
    2. ask for an appointment
    3. go see them, show them what you have done for others and educate them you can do better for them
    4. produce them a video on the assumption, if they dont like it they dont pay for it, yes its wastes your time but reality, no business will have you produce a video AFTER you have had a meeting with them and they like you and not pay for it
    5. finish the video, load it up, market it then invoice them
    6. arrange their next video

    There is no easy answer. Wasting cash on google is a waste.

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