Remove Duplicate Photos in Google Photos Service

You can upload your photos to the Google’s cloud as fast as the Usain Bolt can run. It’s not a joke! You won’t find such a comprehensive integration of pictures in any other cloud backup. You get everything from security to speed from Google, but you have to compromise on file size and photos duplication if you choose to save your images in Google Photos.

Here I am going to talk about the issue of duplicate photos. There are two ways you can avoid these pesky clones: first is organizing your collection in a way that similar files are eliminated; and second is cleaning up identical images using a duplicate file cleaner utility such as the Clone Files Checker.

Here are given steps to eradicate duplicate photos from the Google Photos cloud:

1.After visiting the Photos Library, you can see the Menu icon on upper left. After clicking the Menu icon, you’ve several options in left panel. Click Photos.

Google Photos

2. Now you could see the photos in your Library. Just download all the photos to your local Hard Disk. (Select all > Download icon)

Google Photos

3. It may take some time to zip and download all the photos to local Hard Disk. After successfully downloading them, extract the contents to a new folder named “Cloud” on your Desktop.

4. Using Clone Files Checker software , add the “Cloud” folder to scan for duplicates. (Use List Box on left)

clone file checker

5. Start the process and wait till results appear on your screen. You’ll be prompted whether to process all duplicates or manually review each of them.

6. I recommend clicking Quick-Fix button and then choosing to delete all duplicate photos permanently. You should not panic as you can restore those deleted photos again at a later time using Backup feature in Clone Files Checker.

7. Now delete all photos from Photos Library on Google Photos and upload the original images from “Cloud” folder.

Hopes this will help you to remove your unwanted and duplicate photos from computer Library.

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