Fix Windows 10 Error: Driver Power State Failure

Though users often get rid of this error by simply restarting their PCs, it can still appear after some interval. This error indicates a hardware/software issue and shows that your computer isn’t functioning the way it should. There are certain issues that we will have to look at. The error appears within the Blue Screen of Death, also known as: STOP Screen.

Fix Registry

To keep your Windows 10 stable and free from errors such as the Driver Power State Error, repair the issues in Windows Registry using an efficient software such as RegInOut System Utilities. It will help you fix this error at ease


Use Minimal System Drivers

Safe Mode is the best option to load your PC with a minimal number of system drivers. Do not load any third party, Microsoft programs because of potential compatibility issues.


To load your computer with fewer drivers, just open up System Configuration (using MSCONFIG command); and activate ‘Safe Boot’ > ‘Minimal’ option located in the Boot tab. Once you identify the faulty startup, repeat the above steps to boot your PC in Normal Mode.

system configuration

Rollback Recently Updated Drivers

Did you recently update your PC or install new drivers for your devices? If so, you have an option to rollback previous version of the drivers. If you aren’t sure about background updates, just go through the list of installed updates by typing “View installed updates” in Search; and then sort all updates chronologically.

best match

Once you’ve identified your recently installed new driver updates, fire up Device Manager — the tool we use for managing devices; and from Driver Properties dialog > Driver tab, easily rollback previous version of newly updated drivers.

graphic family property

Remember: if you downloaded new updates from a vendor’s website and installed your own, this option might not work. In that case, you’ll have to load a list of all installed programs and search & uninstall newly installed driver updates.

Verify Drivers Signature

‘Driver Power State Failure’ error might appear due to device drivers lacking valid Digital Signatures. A valid Digital Signature helps to identify the publisher of drivers and to identify unauthenticated changes in drivers without the publisher’s consent.

verify signature verification

One or more drivers installed on your PC may not have a valid driver signature because they are installed from untrusted, pirated sources. To conduct a full scan, open up File Signature Verification program by typing ‘sigverif.exe’ command in Run; and then start the actual process without the need to configure any advanced options.

Identify & Uninstall Problematic Drivers

Device drivers with a yellow exclamation mark listed in Device Manager are often incompatible or faulty. In order to mark such drivers with an exclamation mark, open up the tool from Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Computer Management > Device Manager; and then enable showing hidden drivers from the View menu.


First show hidden devices. Uninstall faulty/ incompatible drivers by selecting the relevant option from the context menu/ Driver Properties dialog box, whichever way you want.

show hidden devices

Update BIOS Software

Which version of BIOS software do you use? Do you regularly update BIOS? If not, it’s time to check the manufacturer website for the latest BIOS version, download it to your PC and install strictly after exiting all other applications including your Antivirus software. Do not downgrade BIOS if a warning message appears saying the BIOS version installed on your system is newer than the one you’ve just downloaded. Downgrading may cause further issues in your system. You have to be careful when selecting your motherboard, operating system type (32 bit/ 64 bit) and other details prompted on the manufacturer’s website. If you aren’t sure, just contact the Support Desk number and they will guide you through the step by step process.

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