How to Earn Links Using Content Marketing & Blogger Outreach

“Traditional marketing talks at people, Content marketing talks with them.”- Doug Kessler

Content marketing and link building have an illusory segregation, but still, they are interlinked with some associated linking. In fact, the content marketing and the blogger outreach are the two components of the link building procedure. Both are the most effective techniques of the digital marketing in the current ambiance. Actually, the game is all about the content. From blog comments to the blog outreach, all the link building strategies include the content. Just, its form has varied, like in blog comments, it is the short and sweet review about the respective blog, in the bookmarking submissions in the form of description, in blog outreach as the blog or the whole article and in infographics in the form of the compelling message. In fact, the blogger outreach also inheres the content.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is all about telling a compelling story. – Joe Pulizzi

Content is the King. You all must have heard about this statement many a times. Actually, with the revolution of the new world, the phase of the digital marketing and SEO has been altered to a larger wavelength. Link building techniques have been changed so much. Now, the statement switches to this- Content is not the King, it’s the Kingdom. And it has been also proved by the prevailing link building strategies. Content marketing is its new weapon to fight with the competitors in this techno-savvy world.

What is content marketing?

In layman’s language, content marketing is the process that encompasses the creation and optimization of the content. It is the most efficient and proved tactic in 2015. The small-scale business owners, who end up giving away most while utilizing traditional link building strategies, can get even more number of customers at a fraction of the cost.

Hubspot has stated that content marketing assists businesses generate more than 50% website traffic and it is a giant achievement. Let us start by discussing the link building via content marketing.

Approach to build the links through content marketing:

1. Outstanding piece of writing:

This requires the in-depth research and the engaging posts that are well-designed and striking.

  • Try to match up with the search queries: Generally, most of the individuals like to click on links that are matched with their search queries. So, first perform the thorough market research and then include those terms in the content.
  • Content Structure: Formulate the structure of your content in a way that it can be easily searched by the visitors on the search engine.
  • Entertaining Stuff: Make your content so interesting that not a single visitor can leave it in the middle. So, make it enjoyable and interesting to read.
  • Serve content in less time: Ensure that the content doesn’t take much time in loading and it should be instructive and germane. You will significantly detect the difference within the few days.

2. Offer the post to syndication sites:

Sharing the post with the audience is something very productive for your website. At some jiffy, if there is no link in the author-profile box, you can succinctly introduce yourself in the comments pointing to the original article.

3. Promote content:

There is nothing fruitful in keeping your content up to yourself. Make it shareable with the outside world is the right recognition of your writings and hence, prove good for your website’s ranking. So, select the appropriate network to share your content which will drive more people and maximize the activities on it.

4. Analysis/Statistics:

Your job has not been done after publishing your content, your real task has started now. Be active with your blog by participating in the discussion. Make a statistic of the networks-which will provide you the maximum shares or like your content or where users like to do more and more discussions about your content.

A good content imparts an outstanding impact on the visitors and users. So, always linked with the content-oriented terms like impactful or result-driven.

Blogger Outreach

Always be honest with the link building. It is not easy. But, it can be made easier with the right  process and the tools. And it is damn essential in the present milieu. In the Post-Penguin world, it is almost impossible to build the high-quality links. Furthermore, everyone knows that acquiring the links from the authorized and prestige websites is so important to boost your website’s rankings. Is there any technique to build the high quality backlinks without spamming others? Yes, the Blogger Outreach is the way.

Blogger Outreach or the Guest Posting is the technique to create the relationship with the influential bloggers, asking them to post your content about a specific product or services.

Way for link-building via Blogger Outreach:

1. Set the objective and a deadline:

Set your expectations for the deadlines earlier. The outreach campaigns don’t work overnight, often they involve weeks of negotiation and waiting. Indeed, it is essential, if you want the favorable outcomes for your website. Make sure your deadlines and expectations are longer enough that you don’t have to beg in front of the people. This will create the robust foundation for your procedure of blogger outreach. This is the right outset.

2. Find the angle:

This is the most imperative step. If you will fall down here itself, then the whole campaign is on the way of failure. Consider it very seriously. Understand the difference between the one who enjoys reading your content and the  one who has the ability to also link to it. You need to identify the people who will care and have the ability to link to your content.

3. Find the targets:

Once you have identified the right and reliable bloggers, you will need to build the list which you can outreach to. So, it is the time to shortlist the websites and make your audience targeted within your niche. Plus, you can find the link targets in many ways, like:

  • Use curated list of relevant bloggers
  • Use Blogdash to research the bloggers
  • Use Blogger Linkup to find guest post opportunities
  • Use author crawler to find the influencers

4. Perform outreach:

Now, the time for outreach. Start mailing the bloggers and ask them if they are interested to publish your content. If they won’t reply, don’t irritate them by sending the mail repeatedly. Have patience and explore your fault and then rectify it so that the other bloggers can’t reject your proposal.

 5. Be active:

After having published your article, be active. Respond to the comments, participate in the discussion, and many more. It is good for you and your brand’s reputation.

SEO practices dissolve into the broader framework of the content marketing and blogger outreach-Yes, this is the good thing.

Article by Aarif Habeeb Digital marketing strategist  from Technocrab solution.

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