10 Proven Ways to Increase Productivity

Productivity is the combination of focused efforts, mind set and intelligent planning. Staying productive at work or home is always not an easy task. You need to get more from limited allocated time like 8 hours a day. In general we are not satisfying with what we have accomplished in whole day. So productivity is the continuous process that can be improved by following certain points.

increase productivity

1.   Set self-imposed deadlines

Always focus on setting up deadline so that you can get work done on time. Deciding self-imposed deadline can be helpful to giving focus and helping us to meet our goals. So always try giving yourself a deadline for projects, and then stick to it.

2.   Be proactive, not reactive

Whenever any problem arises, always try to response them instead of react.  Proactiveness can be one best way to stay with response.  Set aside time for responding to emails, and other things

3.   Eliminate all distractions

Allowing incoming phone calls and emails while doing product work can distract you. So try to keep away from these like the phone, email notifications, and having multiple web browsers open on the desktop. You can set particular time to check these all once or twice in day.

4.   Write out a to-do list each day

Always prepare to-do list before going to bed for the next day. Or you can prepare it earlier in the day when you actual start working on productive task.  Best way is to prepare it in the night that you will have in mind important tasks as soon as I wake up.

5.   Take shorter showers

This one may sound silly but it’s actually working. Many people can get fresher after showering. So spend up to 30 minutes in the shower. This is just one ways, there are plenty of silly thing that help can help you speed up work bit.

6.   Speed up your Internet with a broadband connection

This is the number one Internet time-saver. If you must use dial-up, then you can use accelerators like Propel and SlipStream to double or even triple your speed. Another ways is to buy Good wave length high speed internet.

7.   Prioritize your tasks ahead of time

Plan and prioritize your task. Pick the most important tasks first, than somewhat important, than important and last less important task to complete every day. By listing your tasks in these above order, you can make sure that you finish within time in a day.

8.   Account for brain breaks

Human’s brain is not a machine, it can’t work without breaks. So try to scheduled break periodically. Take break and go out, see what’s going on nearby or best way is to see long distance.  Studies prove that short breaks improve concentration and productivity.

9.   Use productivity tools

There are plenty of tools, software and hardware available in the market, which help us become more productive and you should wholly leverage on them. Some productivity tools like Google Drive, Excel etc.

10.         Be organized

Having everything in an organized in place can make easier to do your work faster. Organized your all documents’ (soft or hard copy) in a proper way that you can get easily whenever you required.


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